Display Your Brand Videos in Mid-Air.

Using our LED Laser Technology Device


We have waited too long to see this actually happen, but it never did. So we had to take the matters in our own hands.

If you are displaying something that you want and need customers to see and remember ‘Switch Planes’ display device is the way forward.


We present to you a revolutionary product that will change the way you look at products & advertisements.

Switch Planes’  display device is always associated with representations in view of the skimming in mid-air 3D visuals making us feel like we are living in the future. While any representations that have ever entered the market that were almost the same as ours, were either very expensive or required large spaces which are really unreliable according to today’s standards.These devices are perfect alternatives bringing such technology with efficiency and reliability guaranteed straight to the hands of the consumers.

Uses & Users

Applications and Clients:
Marketing these days has become a challenge, Because the public demands exceed today's technology.

‘Switch planes’ display device can be used in sports stadiums, public squares, train stations, airports, commercial plazas, parks, shopping centers, Convention centers, Hotel & casino, Houses of worship, Spectaculars, Rental & staging, Stadium & arena, Visitor attractions, Flagship Retail, Fashion retail, educational centres, Auto show, restaurants, and for corporate image promotion and advertising.

Today, advertisers and marketers are faced with the challenging task of catching consumers’ attention while getting the right message across. With ‘switch planes’ eye-catching visualization technology, your message will truly stand out.

People have gotten used to seeing the same old advertising methods, it lost its effectiveness due to its heavy use. So many companies have turned to alternative methods such as ours. Oh yeah we are are all about that Guerilla Marketing.

Switch planes devices are designed for events large and small that will really produce the wow factor and helps you to attract (new) audiences and generate premium revenues and are a cost-effective advertising medium, which will prove to be a great investment for any business.

Our Products have not only turned heads of the consumers during their demonstrations but also helped in boosting sales of our clients.

Most of our clients are 100% satisfied with our product and we are sure that we can keep our future clients equally satisfied.

Our product and services have been used to power thousands of display devices, with a client base covering retail, corporate communications, Media Companies hospitality, Healthcare, banking, entertainment and Retail markets. Some of the companies that use our technologies are Aston Martin, Samsung, BNP Paribas, General Electric, Intel and many more.

We have a specialised after care service team to help you with installation services and technical support. We are so confident in our work we offer a one year warranty on our product. Your requirements are very important to us.

  • Boost in Client's Sales

    After using our Products, our clients have noticed upto 28% growth in sales.

  • Brand Image Boost

    After using our Products, our clients reported a heavy growth in their brand reputation.

  • Customer Involvement

    Our clients have had 69% more consumers pay attention and actually get involved with their displayed products.

  • Client Satisfaction

    All our clients are absolutely satisfied with our Products and our service.


Boost up sales through visual and effective marketing and publicity. Our Main Intention is to make Advertising Affordable and more Effective
Control Remotely

Upload Content from anywhere in the world, Thanks to WiFi technology inbuilt into every SwitchPlanes Device.

Non Stop Playback

Designed to run non-stop 24/7 indoors. We give 1 Year Warranty For Buyers & Lifetime Warranty For Rentals.

Energy Efficient

We believe in helping the world go 100% Eco-Friendly as soon as possible.

Sync Multiple Displays

Sync Multiple displays to produce a bigger image

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